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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blog Claim Post, Ignore

Just a blog claim post for so the spiders can locate it.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starting a Vintage Pattern Business

I've always loved all the home arts; sewing, cooking, making a house a home! I enjoyed watching my mother, grandmother and great grandmother crocheting, embroidering and making quilts. I was looking up one of their old books to see if there was any resale value, and instead found myself collecting more. I felt like I was rescuing them.

I couldn't resist old vintage crochet and knitting patterns and cookbooks. Of course I knew I couldn't make all of these old patterns and recipes. Most of them were musty and crumbling, so I started to restore and reprint the books. I now offer books and single patterns as reprints and PDF instant digital downloads so others can have access to them, too.

Why not just offer them for free? Because it's a very costly hobby and I have to make a living. So for now it's my business, but some day I hope to release them all to the public.